Bolibar is known for being the cradle of the ancestors of Simón Bolívar, who was the star of Hispanic-American emancipation. In fact, the Simón Bolívar Museum can be found at the so-called Errementarikua house. En Ziortza-Bolibar podemos encontrar lugares mágicos que nos transportan a tiempos y sensaciones ancestrales. Este pueblo a pie de la montaña esta rodeado de caseríos, ermitas e iglesias asombrosas. Ziortza-Bolibar is full of magic sights that may take us in a journey back in time. This village at the bottom of the mountain is full of hamlets, chapels and surprising churches.

  • Church of Saint Thomas and Coromoto chapel
  • General Longa monument
  • Chapel of Mary Magdalene (Zeinka-Zearregi)
  • Saint Peter chapel (Arta neighbourhood)
  • Saint Lawrence chapel (Arta neighbourhood)
  • Saint Emeterio and Celedonio chapel (Arta)
  • Ormetxe hamlet
  • Lezartza hamlet
  • Arizpe hamlet
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The Collegiate Church of Zenarruza, former collegiate, can be found at the bottom of the mountain Oiz, just 200 metres away from the hostel. It has been declared a National Monument, thus considered to be one of the greatest treasures of the territory. The collegiate church of Zenarruza was a highly important spot of the coastal Way of Saint James, especially during the Middle Age and the Renaissance. The collegiate church may be accessed through what is left of a Stone road, which was formerly used by pilgrims on their Way to Santiago de Compostela. The monastic sight ensamble includes a Renaissance gothic church dating back to the 15th century, a magnificent 16th century cloister, plus other typical pieces of enclosed monasteries of the era.


Lekeitio has always had a clear orientation towards the sea, thus being the origin and the destination of whale fishers, adventurers and sailors. This little village is calm and peaceful in winter, but quite crowded and lively in summer. The visitor had plenty of options to enjoy this lovely spot – lying on the beaches Isuntza and Karraspio, enjoying the nature, the gastronomy, the good atmosphere and taking par in an active cultural agenda, usually full of fairs, street theatre, exhibitions and popular feasts, are just some of the possibilities that Lekeitio offers.

GERNIKA 24,9 km

A village full of history, symbology and traditions. Gernika is located in the natural area of Urdaibai, and it has plenty of sights and museums to offer:

MONTE OIZ 4,3 km

Mount Oiz 1026 metres high, commonly known as ‘the Overlook of Biscay’ is a splendidly scenic spot. Its privileged location and its height make it possible for the visitor to get an ‘infinite’ view of the area from its top. Oiz holds the legendary title of ‘horn mount’, prestige only known by a total of 5 mountains of Biscay. In ancient times, the calls to assemblies and meetings to be held in Gernika were made from the top of these 5 mounts, by lighting fires and blowing horns. A great option for exercising and enjoying nature is to climb up to the top from Ziortzabeitia so as to enjoy the awesome panoramic view from up there.


The first BTT race, departing from and arriving in Ziortza, will soon take place. A medium-high difficulty race. Lekeitio-Nabarniz-Mendata-Ziortza-Lekeitio.


PR-BI-140:Ideal route for discovering all the trasures of the area. See route The neighbourhoods: You will get to know the charms of the neighbourhoods around Ziortza-Bolibar. See route


Is an ancient route that linked the southern Basque region of Rioja Alavesa and the Biscay Coast (Bermeo, Lekeitio and Ondarroa). It was used by mule drivers who would trade with wine and oil at the coast and with salting fish at the inside.


The stone road that crosses the village of Ziortza-Bolibar has been, and still is, a key reference for the pilgrim that aims for Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) through the coastal Way.

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